An Irish lawyer, a German engineer, a French-Candian corporate lawyer, and an American pastor all sit down for dinner… and they’re all women.

This was one of the most powerful, inspiring meals I have ever eaten.

I sat down with three women whom I knew practically nothing about, all of us from different countries. We talked about our families and our work lives, and joked about walking into a room as the only woman and getting asked to go get the coffee. We talked about the G-spot, traveling, and good wine, and laughed about pretty much everything. We discussed women in religious leadership roles and how men have abused power in all of our fields. The corporate lawyer who is a partner at her firm spoke the most about what men have assumed about her and the various ways she’s had to stand her ground. The German engineer talked about how she’s the only woman on her team and how the men will talk about “man things” and she’ll just put her head in her hands. The Irish woman talked about her desire to work towards human rights for all. We all spoke to how women have been expected to do it all, especially since entering the work force in male-dominated fields. It was interesting discussing the ways in which so many women have had to choose careers over families, and it broke my heart at the same time to see how much is sacrificed by women all around the world.

It was such a blessing to feel solidarity with these women. We had this conversation a few weeks before the women’s marches all around the world and it re-affirmed for me how important it is to keep doing this work and keep supporting one another. It was a reminder that we may have grown up in different countries but we all face similar issues.

It is so important to remember the intersectionality of oppressive systems around the world. This intersectionality is what helps oppressive systems thrive, but in the work towards justice this intersectionality is ultimately what will save us. We must work together and remember how connected we all are if we hope to see real change in the world.

By the end of dinner, my cheeks hurt from all the laughter, but I also left feeling more inspired and empowered than ever. What a gift it is to sit amongst such powerful, independent, beautiful, intelligent women who have risen beyond all odds in fields dominated by men – women who are now working towards a better world for all people. I find myself feeling so grateful to be in the company of such amazing women.

“Here’s to strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

To read an article I recently had published called Luke 18:1-8: A Biblical Defense of the “Nasty Woman” please click here.

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