Today is Memorial Day. A day full of American Flags, BBQs, and lakeside-views, usually ending in dirty feet and grass-stained knees.

Every year, I’m left wondering how irreverent this might be; how somehow our tradition doesn’t actually honor the people who sacrificed so much.

But this year, I thought about Jesus’ words before his ultimate sacrifice:

“do this in remembrance of me.”

When Jesus asked his disciples to remember him, he told them to eat bread and drink wine. I don’t know about you, but bread and wine are staples at my dinner parties!

Truth be told, sometimes the best way to honor people is to have a good time. That’s why funerals are often called celebrations of life. We gather together and celebrate because we know that our loved ones would want us to be together, laughing, eating and drinking, and enjoying our time in community. People make sacrifices to allow us the freedom to be together, so what better way to honor them than to bask in the light they allowed to shine forth?

So today, rather than feel guilty for having a BBQ, I encourage you to raise your glass to those who have gone before you and to those who sacrificed so much so that you can have the opportunity to celebrate freely. As you shotgun your beer or chomp down on that hot dog, do so in remembrance of them.

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