It’s not always easy to remember who we are and who we are called to be. Some days our dreams feel too big or too scary. We think we need to do more, be more, learn more before we take the next big step, before we step into the life we want. We think this is our brain trying to help us be better prepared, but really it’s the voice of “not enough.” Not old enough, smart enough, creative enough. This voice we think is helping prepare us actually holds us back, cripples us. It keeps us from living life whole-heartedly as the person we deeply know we are meant to be.

What do you truly want for your life?

When you answer that question, is there a “but” that follows it? “But I’m not qualified enough,” “But I don’t think I’m ready, I need to work on it more,” “But I don’t think people actually care what I have to say,” “But I’m not financially stable enough.” “But I need to hone in on it more.”

My friend, you listening to the voice of not enough.

It’s a voice that’s trying to protect you, so there’s no need to shun or ridicule it. It’s just not serving you.

Try responding to that voice with gratitude and reassurance, saying, “Thank you for trying to help, but I’ve got this.”

My love, you ARE enough.

Whatever it is you want to do or be, you ARE enough. Right now. As you are.

This post is inspired by Tara Mohr’s Playing Big.

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