Alumni Spotlight, Saint Mary’s College of California

2015| Phenomenal Emergence, “Co-Independent”
The Flight Deck, Oakland, CA

“This piece begins with two dancers (Katy Fessler, Jessica Lim) standing face to face, embraced, underneath the sound of rain. Throughout their duet they stay in contact, something they seem to both desire and despise, that they need but can’t escape. I was drawn in by their emotional connection to each other, and their (e)motivations, which arose in their clear focus, partner work, easeful synchronization, and syncopated disruption. As they kept returning to the embrace of the opening scene, I enjoyed witnessing the dance between fighting and surrendering to a centrifugal force, to the inertia of two bodies already in motion, like space rock colliding, exploding, and condensing over billions of years.”

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2014 | “From the Dust,” American College Dance Association, West
Arizona State University, Scottsdale, AZ

From the Dust, choreographed by Kelsey Peterson, a student at Saint Mary’s College, gave eight women dressed in earthy colors some dynamic pelvic moves. The dancers’ keen commitment to the movement and their support of each other created a strong sense of community.”

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2013 | Horizons, “From the Dust” and “Psychle”
LeFevre Theatre, Moraga, CA

““My piece is about prayer and moments when you have nothing left,” Peterson said in an interview. “It’s the times when you’re grasping for light.””

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