Ministry Testimonials

Kelsey came into my life at a point where I was seriously questioning whether an empowered, intelligent, open-minded, “cool” woman could also identify as Christian. Perhaps more than anyone else, Kelsey provided me a picture of what that looked like. This was transformative in the sense that simply getting to know Kelsey made me feel more comfortable exploring and speaking openly about my faith as a young high school student. Even though it’s been years since we’ve seen each other (I’m away in college), I still think of Kelsey as an important role model. She always spoke frankly with others about her life experiences and her faith, in a way that I try to emulate in my life. I know that if I were ever facing an emergency or needed advice, I could call Kelsey with no hesitation.” – Katie

“Kelsey not only sees the best in others, but helps others discover the best in themselves.” – Rev. Jayson

“Kelsey has shown me that even when life knocks you straight on your ass (and you might have to sit there a second) to find the courage to keep going. …When it comes to self-love, it’s forever a journey being explored. However, I realized I really hadn’t even left the dock yet. I was just sweeping things under the rug and pretending I was okay – Kelsey showed me that to really start loving myself, I need to also fully recognize the hurt I’ve been through, to accept it, and to let it be apart of my journey instead of a reason of why I haven’t left yet. Through Kelsey’s openness and honesty, I feel like I finally understand what it means to practice that self-love.” – Katy

Kelsey welcomes hard conversations and tries to see all point of views even if they are not necessarily her own. She self reflects and knows when she needs to re-approach an issue or say sorry. Kelsey opens her heart, trusts, and can be vulnerable…and I believe there is always an underlying understanding, compassion, love and non-judgment no matter the issue.” – MaryAnn

“Kelsey is an inspiration. An ideal person in regard to spirituality, mentality, physicality, and personality. If I had to give an example for what all human behavior should reflect and strive for, I would point to her and her actions. She is literally one of the most genuine, honest, outstanding, and prettiest persons inside and out that I have ever met. I personally feel very privileged to know her as well as I do, and to know that I can confide in her for anything.” – Ed

“It’s easy to share everything with Kelsey because I don’t feel any judgment. I think this goes back to Kelsey being true to herself. I can be true to myself because Kelsey is putting herself out there. There’s a mutual respect that I feel with her. Also her openness about her quirks and shortcomings is refreshing. Whether it is horrid first date stories or weird bodily functions she never seems embarrassed.” – Brenden

What dancers have to say…

“What does it feel like to perform Kelsey’s choreography? One word: invincible. It’s a surreal balance of feeling at your most vulnerable, but having the strength of a thousand bulls. She gives us the opportunity to pour our hearts out and fill each movement with emotion. Kelsey’s pieces are about actual experiences, emotion, prayer, hurt and everything in between. She gives us the space to express forthright what and how we feel in each moment. From the first rehearsal to the final performance, it’s a process of breaking us down and uncovering our real truth, giving us the strength to not only go through the healing steps personally but also convey that journey to an entire audience.” 

Working with Kelsey made me realize that I can accomplish anything. Through faith, I can be lifted up just as I feel I am with dance. It is through dance that I can find a relationship with God…I was able to use the gift of dance that God gave me to tell my story and transform the way I felt about it. I was able to feel weightless after the experience.”

“Working with Kelsey, I have found, has always made me feel like a part of a community. Through rehearsals I felt like I was a part of process of building relationships and dancing with other dancers who share the same passions and stories in some way or another.”

“I would describe dancing and performing Kelsey’s choreography as freeing. The movement sequences are endless and fluid. I feel like I am telling a story through my movement and making an impact on my audience as the sequence of movement has emotion, relationships, and hardships in it.”

“Kelsey’s rehearsal process is a journey. It is a deep and emotional journey of trust, relationship building, and an adventure of perseverance and triumph. I always found that when I was going through my hardest times in life, working through these times in dance always got me through it. It was in Kelsey’s rehearsals that we were able to tell stories and dance about it. It was the freedom of sharing and expressing emotion through my movement that I was able to cope with things that were weighing me down.”